Fireworks, travel and you: Evanescent?

Evanescent. Love this word. Find the poetry in it.

Scientific definition: denoting a field or wave which extends into a region where it cannot propagate and whose amplitude therefore decreases with distance


Is this what travel is? Is this what travel does? Does it make us a wanderer losing our focus and force? At home, one’s energy feels purpose, people and passion. Is this because of proximity? Dynamic pressure from responsibilities, things, baggage. When this same spirit travels farther away without a tether or a target to aim for, does its strength decrease? Yes and no.

New experiences, and places present logistical and physical challenges. Orienting oneself to a new visual when stepping out of the train station in a new town. This takes mental energy to record. You immediately take stock of what kind of place you’ve landed upon. Is it a living city with commuters dressed in straight skirts, crisp white shirts and “rushing” to something important? (Note: nobody really rushes in Europe. They are much too civilized.) Have you hit upon a place with iconic cultural sights and you’re looking at sneakers, suitcases and tourists consulting a map? Perhaps a quaint, nondescript village with kitchen-based old ladies who gave up their looks 50 years earlier while small children dart around as there’s little to be worried about this far away from the world? Sure, this is an instant judgement I make, but not unfair and rarely inaccurate. This orientating takes energy. You are not, in any way, in control of the situation. For a former creative director, mother of two, landlord and Airbnb host, traveling like this is refreshing.

Travel is a constant attempt at gaining control. If you are to become a success in any business setting, you must be in absolute control of some portion. You are trusted with a domain and you had better be intimate with every detail, present, past and future. So much so that you forget how to draw the limits and must control everything else in your life. You lose this concentrated energy when homing in on a new town. You’re a bit scrambled. A moment of instability and uncertainty. No longer the master of all things or creator of your path, but must adapt and go with the flow for a change even if you are missing something to call your own. In this respect, you’ve met the scientific definition of evanescent: a field or wave which extends into a region where it cannot propagate and whose amplitude therefore decreases with distance.

Now, let’s take an opposite view and realize that by traveling, you gain perspective, knowledge and many, many, almost constant new visuals. You collect these things as experiences, one of those being stepping out of the train station recording everything you see, hear and smell. You’re richer. Have more to you. More to give. In this way—and via all the social media, blogging, writing, digital sharing—your amplitude is louder than its ever been.