Let's talk Gold: The Hotel Collection integrated campaign


A designer cannot simply move objects around and push out communications intermittently hoping for the information to sink in on first, second, third or even fourth pass. One needs to build a design system. A bundle of precedent and deliberate decisions that can be referred to for any future impasses or ambivalence.

In its infant stages, The Hotel Collection had no precedent for its look and feel or hierarchy of elements. Occasionally, a project will come up for a brand that has not yet had a sample execution for. This must be worked out on the same timeline as if its been templated and consistent with all else around it. This is when you must quickly solve design problems that will lay the groundwork for future campaigns, both for print and online. At Meyer & Associates, I approached these re-brands, re-positions and re-designs with an experienced eye to make decisions now which will impact many future executions. I am always excited of the thrill of fresh designs. As much as I love consistency, I also love change! I set the precedent for future work for that campaign and year.

Please see below for examples of The Hotel Collection initial brand awareness campaign.