Destination Inspiration: The Hotel Collection's Top Destinations

The Gold Card team requested a direct marketing piece that would satisfy several criteria:

  1. Whet the appetite for wanderlust for the best-selling top destinations

  2. Feature an image for every hotel within destination

  3. Give all destinations equal weight, regardless of number of hotels within each region

  4. Do not let hotel images look the same, keep it interesting

  5. Do not show anything in a city that is not a public area, especially if it features another hotel or restaurant, shop

  6. Do not feature people

  7. Do not show too many bedrooms, pools, restaurants, daytime or nighttime shots, mix it up with interior and exterior

  8. Work within a tight photo budget

  9. Choose the absolute best photo, then get it approved by Amex marketing manager team, then individual hotel partner, then brand manager, then Gold Card product team and of course….legal. Now circle back with hotel partner and marketing manager to ensure they are still happy with end result. If something doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board.

  10. Make it informative, not repetitive

  11. Remember the benefits are the reason for this communication

With all of this in mind, we created this piece. As always, my top priority is with the consumer. How does it look to you? Nobody cares what has happened amongst so many stakeholders…all I care about is what is in front of my eyes and holding in my hands. (hint: way more special than digital marketing!)