Design Systems: Flexibility and structure coexist

The Well-Traveled Life is the annual presentation of complete travel benefits to a Platinum Card member. The unveiling of these perks is contained within a printed full-size directory using high quality materials, varnishes and printing processes. Design planning was crucial for the process. Since this single piece is used by program owners as an initial tool for communication within various levels of the organization, concrete information and approvals were fluid up to the hours before printing presses began rolling. Staying ahead of these known unknowns, we created a flexible grid-like design system and structured pagination that would appear consistent giving all partners equal representation, while allowing for last-minute drops, additions and content changes.

Inspired by online tab navigation, current sections are highlighted by colored tab along right edge of each spread, while viewing the full breadth of programs at a glance.

Each luxury program is introduced with clear, concise benefits pertaining to that mode of travel. Points accrued, individual brand perks, statement credits and clear calls-to-action on how to book.

All photography is relentlessly curated for quality, independent partner brand, equal representation and limited stock photography budgets. Retouching is necessary to create a sense of cohesiveness throughout for color, feel and pristine consistency while each image came from various sources, sizes, levels of quality.

Seeing everything through the lens of the Amex brand molds your design character and eventually becomes a part of you. That, is creating a system for designing in the name of the master brand.