High ROI & print: This must be a dream


Although print materials are now a precious specimen in the marketing world, it was a common medium some years ago. Tactile pieces force a longer attention span than digital and are more expensive to produce. Your investment is deliberate. Every word is immortalized. Images are highly scrutinized if it was to live on such expensive marketing real estate.

For years, I was knee deep in this perfectionist thinking thus training my eye to suss out any minute blemish, misstep or illogical existence, e.g. do not show snowy Alps if you’re communicating offers in July. Another challenge is to create a design structure allowing for last minute flexibility. (One of the clients’ partners have dropped and we must repaginate? NBD. We’ll still release tomorrow. I saw this coming and my design is ready to adapt!)

Given the cemented nature of print, all content was thoroughly vetted and visually perfected, ready to be emblazoned on the page. This attention to detail and frugal flourishing paid off when we saw the results of our efforts. Not solely the efforts of our agency, but also the analytical thinking of our American Express marketing managers. As a collaborative team, we were able to reach some incredible ROIs.



Innovative shortfold cover gave distinct impact to offers on every page. Performed consistently well for future DM campaigns.



Developed educational material illustrating how a vacation package is defined and the full range of choices in this category.



Worked directly with 53 partners to create custom ads, ensuring consistent brand message of American Express. Partners included cruise lines, private jets, vacation specialists, limos and more.