Everyone needs process: here's mine

  1. Let’s meet Great to get to know each other. Learn about past challenges and accomplishments, business goals and give some insight into how we’ll work together. Then, probably compare opinions on where to find the best cup of coffee.

  2. Discovery phase You’ll be presented with the information that was found during research. There will be an audit on current keyword rankings, content relevance and recommendations for search optimization, gap analysis and where you fit among the competition in your industry. Your business will be looked at from many angles to determine where it’s performing well and where there is room for improvement. In doing this, often untapped tactics will emerge.

  3. Content creation and implementation The agreed upon strategy will be a roadmap for your content campaigns. Concepting ideas around chosen subjects, image research, diving into some statistics and maybe even an infographic if deemed relevant. Changes to your website are likely needed to align with your goals. There will be many check-ins, reviews and a chance for revisions. You also may be contacted to confirm facts and/or collaborate on approach.

  4. Measure the success Your KPIs will be reviewed and optimization will be the next step. How many new users/followers have you gotten? Where’s the latest spike in sales? What was the effect and how can we replicate for other areas of your business? How much gushing have your clients done on your behalf? Will you be prepared for the tidal wave of new customers?