Quality score = Reputation [or how to have a long-lasting relationship with the Google]

Google Ads is certainly necessary to alert the world of your presence. It’s the cost to initially get noticed. However, like paying $1,000 to attend a gala gets you noticed, it doesn’t necessarily make you a great catch. If you are lucky enough to bump into (ahem, click on) someone who genuinely likes you, cherish it. Make that person your friend. Say something meaningful. You won’t need the tux, the black card or your self-proclaimed knowledge of Angulas, you just need to be relevant. Help them find more of you. Hold their hand, but not too tightly.

Quality content derives quality attention. Not a quick glance and they go back to conversation…it’s about being being intriguing. Saying something they’ve never heard before in a way they’ve never heard it.

Then, it’s about consistency. Showing up at the same establishment with a predictable demeanor. Regardless of your mood that day, do your best to be loyal to your mission and hence your voice.

Soon, you (you’re brand) will have a deeper connection that will be remembered. If you’ve tapped into the chemical reaction deep in the brain (ahem, emotion!), your partner (user) can tap into that sensation the next time your presence swishes near. It could be the next time that industry-specific unique color (Tiffany blue) is seen or the distinctive curl of the F in your wordmark, the uncommonly dark lighting in your Instagram “voice” or whatever it may be that makes you stand out among them. Start slow and solid in your search marketing. Be honest, succinct and answer questions in a different way than anyone else.

If you’re honest with your message, uniqueness is easy because it’s you and you’re the only you.


You need chemistry with Google.

This cannot be forced.