Leadership is listening

Do I have your ear? Yes? Well thank you so much. It’s an honor. If this medium wasn’t so one-sided, I’d be listening instead.

To work with people is to hear them. Understand body language. Voice tone. Reading between the lines to augment communication can help. What motivates you? How do you problem solve? How can I climb into your brain, see what you need and show you the way?

Working with a team is the most challenging and rewarding experience. Often you do not have a choice, but really you do. You can choose to interact, be vulnerable and push through anxieties. I find that if you make a safe place for your talent to thrive, communicate honestly and LISTEN to each other, we all learn more. I’ve restructured my department’s process based on individuals’ strengths which in turn, strengthens our bond, productivity and overall effectiveness of our work. I love my peeps and will continue my relationship with each one far into the future. Working on 15 years…and I still consider all my past employees a talented select few.

Incredible teams I’ve been lucky enough to lead. (I’m also responsible for two delicious offspring!)