To market, to market, remarket we go


Remarketing is one of the most underused marketing tactics (as of Nov 2018). It’s ideal for putting yourself in front of the eyes of your competitor’s customer. After someone visits the competitor, YOUR stunning banner ad will automatically pop up on future pages of their online life. What’s more, you can be so current so as to directly counter your competitor’s most recent blog post, promotion or reposition.

Example: You are a nearshore software developer. Your competitor just posted a fresh 2019 list of tops jobs. The number one position is software engineering. Your banner is placed right beside it that could read how YOU “offer the leading talent for software engineers”—large type, bold contrast, pinpoint targeting.

Remember, if you set up your campaign appropriately, you only pay when there is a click. The average click-through rate for display ads is .07 percent, while the average click-through for retargeted ads is about .7 percent ( That’s a big difference. When you add an ultra-targeted, well-designed visual to your message, this number should escalate.

Like any advertising campaign, you can set a budget daily or monthly. While you need several months to gain adequate insight, any amount of time is helpful. Review those analytics and feel empowered by your traffic and number of eyes on the prize! (your prize!). Then keep on optimizing like it’s going out of style!

Don’t just market…remarket!